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Promoting physical well-being for your pets
for small animals
What to Expect From Treatment Sessions
At each treatment session your pet will:
  • receive a full health check to ensure that they are suitable for hydrotherapy on that day
  • be showered to remove any dirt or debris from its coat which could enter the pool or treadmill
  • be fitted with a lift jacket or harness to provide the hydrotherapist with control over your pet during the session and to provide your pet with additional buoyancy
  • receive an individually designed treatment program designed to specifically address your pet's needs
  • be monitored closely by the hydrotherapist to ensure it receives the best possible treatment on that day
  • be showered and dried after the treatment session
  • booked in for its next session,  and  advice provided on your pet's progress and the next course of action
How Long Does a Treatment Session Last?
Each patient will be allocated a 45 minutes session to allow time for the health check, showering and drying, the actual treatment itself and time for discussion and questions.

Treatment length will depend on many factors including:
  • what the patient is being treatment for
  • what general condition the patient is in
  • how the patient behaves during the session
  • if it is the patient's first treatment or not
  • how the patient responded to its last treatment
  • any changes that may have occurred since its last treatment
  • That said most patients will spend a maximum of 15 minutes swimming in the pool. This will be made up of 3 blocks of activity followed by a rest period between each one,
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